Our love for our blessed island.
Our worship for good food, tasty, qualitative  and “richer” flavors, as well as the uniqueness of the Cretan diet and the treasure, rich in nutritional and cultural value, which must be known worldwide. Although already familiar to most of the world, the Cretan diet is enriched and constantly evolving, satisfying the taste requirements of today, retaining an unbreakable relationship with tradition.

This simple thought, was captured on paper and slowly led to the creation of a tasteful destination.
The creation of Delicious Crete.

Our Location

Located In Beautiful Crete

Heraklion, Crete, Greece

Heraklion: +30.2811.180120
London: +44.2033.182524
Stockholm: +46.844.680485
New York: +1.347.5578448


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