0.3 Olive Oil

Olive Oil

Olive Oil has a distinct aroma, softness in flavor and beautiful emerald color. Controlled cultivation and early harvesting gives every palate an unique effect of softness and light raciness. It is  used  either raw or during cooking for a rich -tasting result.



Olive. The unique fruit  from a blessed tree. It is generously given to us by nature, to either enjoy it as a fruit  but better yet as  oil on your meals.  Try our olives  on their original taste, or  with the addition of herbs , which makes them simply delicious.



Honey. The ultimate food gift given by our nature. After the  collection and process of the pollen in the hive, bees  create this simple but so rare and unique gift. A product  of Top nutritional importance, rich in nutrients, aromas and taste.


Herbs & Spices

Herbs and spices over the years have clearly demonstrated their value. In  Greek nature  ,thrive numerous  of herbs and spices with a unique flavor and aroma, which either alone  or in various combinations, may be used in cooking as flavor enhancers.



Salt …. plain  or in  unique combinations  it can  impress you by a unique taste  and scent in each dish. We give you unique combinations of  salts with  herbs and spices that will amaze your dish  and your palate.

Mustards 940X475


A wonderful combination of Greek Mustard, with pure ingredients in large content ranging.  Not only do they give taste, but also the necessary “kick” in every meal. Enjoy unique combinations that will amaze even the most discerning palate.

Spreads 940X475


Pure ingredients and tasteful combinations, make our spreads a pleasant companion to your meals, or as a base for sauces. Spread  them and enjoy them  on  breads, breadsticks baton or as a  dressing in delicious sandwiches.

Chocolate Lavender


Pure ingredients  such as olive oil, honey, nuts, raisins, carob, and Stevia instead of sugar,  can sweeten yourself fearlessly , enjoy tasting Greek pastries in the most  exciting combinations of flavors.


Rice – Legumes

Rice and legumes are used for thousands or years. Legumes have high consistency in proteins and rice  contains about 90% simple and complex carbohydrates. Both are necessary for any type of diet, especially Mediterenean.

Our love for our blessed island….Our  worship for good and tasteful food, high quality and “sophisticated” tastes…..A simple thought which was documented on paper and slowly led to a destination full of flavors.

The creation of Delicious Crete.

Our philosophy is based on our own island and countless nutritional treasures, which we looked for, we continue to discover, but  much more we want to share.  Enjoy!

As we want  to keep the relationship and trust between us and our clients-visitors strong, we always check for quality assurance at all stages of production, for all the products of Delicious Crete.

Delicious Crete has sensibilities …
Above all we put our relationship to humans and the environment.
So the manpower staffing our company, as well as the simple fellow man, are factors which we put them as a priority.
So for this, we are proud to have among our collaborations the WISE GREECE move. The WISE GREECE move is a non-profit movement for the promotion of Greek products, which through their sales, globally, they ensure the nutritional needs of Institutions and organizations that support children, homeless and elderly.
On the other hand, our ecological conscience and our sensitivity for the environment, to keep as clean as possible, leads us to responsibility not only towards the final product but also during the production process.
For this reason Delicious Crete uses minimum amount on paper, consumables and all kind of materials, always environmentally friendly, to minimize waste and useless material

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